Saturday, November 02, 2002

Just offically started on the second chapter of Seekers in Shadow. Also popped in at the CBT boards, where Victor's future in the MW:DA line was revealed in the latest novel.

Turns out he did marry Isis, and had several children by her. His son with Omi is named Kitsune. Kitsune=Fox=Hanse. Got it? Good.

But in MY line, things are going to be quite a bit different. Just to clear things up a bit, the Star League was dissolved as per the original storyline, but because the Wobblies did not strike first, several events which would have occured, did not. I'll just give a short taste of what's going to happen for Seekers in Shadow.

Victor, unable to enter the Draconis Combine to see his son due to the rising hard feelings stirred up by the hardliners, which in turn is partly due to the Draconis March's campaign against the Combine, is forced to send Isis to Luthien to collect his son.

Katrina, as per my Redemption fic, is on Homer scrubbing floors and cleaning dishes.:p

Yvonne and Tancred are snuggling on New Avalon, and they have invited Victor over for a simple wedding ceremony. After all, Victor IS Yvonne's brother.

Peter is unable to attend because he's still busy with Lyran Commonwealth business.

Hohiro Kurita brough Kitsune with him on a short tour of the Draconis Combine, to assess the morale and loyalty of the various prefectures in the Pesht Military District(also to protect Kitsune), and is returning to Luthien.

Kai Allard-Liao is in the St Ives Commonality, aiding with the rebuilding efforts there.

Sun-Tzu is still scheming to grab back the worlds of the Chaos March, but he is disturbed at the extent of Wobblie operations in the Trinity Alliance.

Thomas Marik is still enjoying the peaceful state of the Free Worlds League. He truly believes that a new golden age, Star League or no Star League, is upon mankind.

And everything's going to blow up soon.


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