Monday, December 04, 2006

Singapore Marathon

Wahhh, finally finished the half-marathon. My timing was as I expected: 2 hrs 24 min, My target was to get below 2 hrs 30 min, and I did it! The route was packed with runners. If I want to do better, I must continue working on my intervals. So far, I can sustain 4 minutes of jogging followed by 1 minute of walking rest. I have to get my pace up to 8/9 minutes of jogging with 1 minute of rest to get my half-marathon time below 2 hrs. Doable, but tough. I plan to achieve this target by the Army Half-Marathon next year.

I also have a few more targets for the next few years. 1: Run 2.4 km under 10 min to get my IPPT gold. 2: Train for next year's school cross-country staff race. 3: Train for next year's marathon, and run the full distance of 42 km.

That's for the physical aspect of my life. Sooner or later, I'll also be trying to train my cycling skills so I can go on a biking tour of France, and climb the L'Alpe De Huez. Hopefully before I'm 30.

On the music side, I just received word from the NUS people that they're inviting alumni back for christmas carolling. I thought it was a prank, until Huaizhi told me today before the 'Three' concert that it's going to be the forerunner of the actual setup for the alumni choir. At long last. So of course, I signed up once I got home.

Speaking of the 'Three' concert tonight at the Esplanade, it was great. Although the message was the usual politically correct mishmash of thinly veiled socialism and weeby pacificism to commemorate International Day of Choral Singing, the music was truly enjoyable. Mr Ko Matsushita's antics on stage when conducting was a treat to watch! And Mr Velasco's conducting was, as usual, impeccable. I sang under him once before for the 2005 Jubilate, and I was impressed with the way he was able to pick out the key phrases of each song for maximum effect.

Finally, the social aspect of my life, other than my CBT gaming, is still as barren as ever. Sigh.

Oh well, at least my work is going well. 3 students qualified for the 2nd round of the local Chemistry Olympiad! I had expected none. The next thing is to expect a silver award. Next year should be even better after I've drawn up a comprehensive scheme of work for Olympiad training. I will definitely need it because I'll also be handling H3 chemistry. Workload + SYF is going to kill me...

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