Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tremors again?!?

It was after another session of soccer with the staff team today, at about 7.10pm. I was at my desk finishing up some of my marking when I suddenly felt myself moving. For an instant, I thought it was hunger making me faint. Then the few teachers present asked out loud if the ground was moving. We all looked at one another, and thought, "Not again!"

Evidence was easy; some of the toys and flotsam in the staff room were moving slightly, especially the physics toys. It lasted for about a minute. We cleared out ourselves, the few canteen and janitors remaining, and the students ASAP once Mrs Lim and the OM were informed. Whatever happens next would have to wait for tomorrow.

Walking outside the school gates, I saw many of the good residents of Potong Pasir lounging below the blocks, obviously due to the tremors. The tremors were caused by the 7.9-8.2 magnitude earthquake that hit Sumatra in the late afternoon/evening.

As I was on the way home, one thought struck me.

What if we get another tremor during the prelims, or god forbid(I'm not religious, BTW), during the 'A' Levels?


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