Thursday, June 05, 2003


Sorry for such a long hiatus, but I was busy with work, exams, and the lot. As a matter of fact, I have managed to get into my university's honors program in chemistry, despite taking what most people regarded as 'suicide' modules in quantum chemistry and analysis, as well as taking more modules than the minumum requirement.

Heh, a B+ for quantum chemistry ain't bad at all!

Meanwhile, my fiction is coming along just fine, except when my rhythm got broken a week ago when I had to research some stuff to help out in the next MW:DA novel. Since that's settled, I'm back to typing Seekers in Shadow, in between games of Btech.

Despite what many might think, I'm a keen observer of current events. The recent SARS outbreak and the Iraqi war were nice avenues for me to express my views, but I'd rather not here because they'll piss off a lot of people. And that's not really the point of this webpage either. Still a bit of politics here and there helps set the tone, especially as I go deeper into Seekers In Shadow and its sequel The Fallen Throne.

Hey, I can't help it. See which Founding Father of the USA I'm most like!

So there. And I'm right very often. Even my argumentation lecturer acknowledged that many of my points in the 'heat of battle' were often so damn obvious that they were practically indisputable.

But sometimes it's the damn obvious that everybody fails to see.

And I refuse to stop being a blowhard for it.


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