Friday, December 15, 2006

Some things about myself

Hmmm... I've been trying to know myself better in the past few weeks. Maybe it's easier to put it down in writing.

Personal stats:
DOB: 20/06/1979
Age: 27
Zodiac Signs: Gemini(western), Goat(Chinese)
Height: 170cm
Weight: 63-66 kg(changes daily!!!)

Hobby Info
Preferred soccer position: Fullback/Wingback(my crosses from the left still suck tho)
Longest Match ever played: 2 hours on full pitch(came down with cramps at the end... urgh)
Longest time spent running: 2 hrs 22 min(for the 2006 Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon, ran only the half)
Furthest distance ran: 21 klicks(for the Half-Marathon lah)

Choir singing voice: Bass 1/Tenor 2(Baritone)
Most memorable performance: Sydney Opera House, with NJC choir
Greatest triumph: Yet to come... but it WILL come!
Most ignoble mistake: Somehow losing the rhythm for Mundi Renovatio along with the entire NUS choir bass section during the finals for the 2004 Voyage of Songs competition. Oops.
Fav song: Magnificat by John Rutter

Miniature wargaming: Classic Battletech!
Preferred CBT Battlemech: Crab/Raijin/Beowulf(notice a trend?)
CBT Faction: Word of Blake(those toaster-worshipping guys in white robes pissing everybody off, it's good to be bad)
Most memorable gaming moment: Battle of Monte Diablo(since after that, I had to be a referee for all official CBT games and battles in Singapore... sigh...)

Put a new link up, to the Elephant Bar. Kinda like a more politically incorrect version of the Belmont Club. Some rather bloodthirsty folks there too. But no shirking of issues. Nope, even inconvenient truths are faced head on, no mercy. Reminds me of one of wretchard's most memorable sayings: The truth shall set you free, but first it will make you miserable.

Caroling with the NUS choir alumni at the Grand Copthorne was great! No flubbing of lines despite having only two practices, singing in quartet formation, blending with each other remarkably well(according to the audience) despite many of us not having sung for 2 years, and generally great fun!

Hmmm... if the SAJC Chorale is going to Pattaya in July, I'll probably take the opportunity to join the Vocal Consort. So I'll be there as both teacher-in-charge and singing competitor! Wahhh... dream on lah...



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