Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Shooting and Crabs

Went for range today. Fired off 250 .22 rounds. Was pretty accurate too, except for the rounds which didn't explode properly, which accounted for stray shots, e.g. the single hole at the bottom of the target board. This was done at prone position, supported, 50 meters, with targeting scope. A far sight better(literally!) than the ole iron sights on the M16! The target board below was for my best sequence of ten rounds.
The target board is about the size of your computer screen. Which means I can make a head shot at 50 meters... provided the target is stationary, of course!
Trying out the standing shoulder, supported. I could place most rounds in the black area of the target board, but there were still strays now and then. Unsupported? Forget it!

After that, I tried out the handgun, also at 50 meters. No scope, iron sights. Just one thing I learnt: A lot of respect for those who shoot handguns at any distance beyond twenty meters with one hand...
Two hand grip. No stylo one-handers for me!

My family went to the crab restaurant in Ang Mo Kio tonight, and here is a picture of the claw of one of the crabs.
What a monster...


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