Friday, October 26, 2007

End of a Term

Finally, the school term is over! I have about a few things left to do.

1. Finish up my class testimonials. Trying to put the nicest spin on my students is rather draining. Did I give my own teachers that many headaches in the past? Hmmm... let's see... "sustained logic and independent thinking", "outspoken", "spontaneous", "serious", "steady", "thinks in depth and with perspective", "sincere and earnest".
Gee, I think they must have really put some effort into writing my testimonials. Can't do any less for my class!

2. Invigilation for 'A' Levels. Piece of cake.

3. Train students for the Chemistry Olympiad. The date is getting nearer. Yikes!

4. Train for the year end marathon. In progress. Once I get all those cuts on my leg from the soccer match healed up, that is...

5. Complete my application for a local Masters course. Will also need to find out exactly what to do on the MOE side to avoid being AWOL. Plus when my contract exactly ends...

6. Brush up on my Christmas carols. Just in case somebody needs a decent bass...

7. Get Battletech going again.



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