Friday, June 06, 2003

A nice quote I read on National Review Online.

The United Nations is not so much the united nations as the united governments or regimes, no better and no worse than those regimes on the whole. -Solzhenitsyn

NRO is one of the most brilliant and intellectually precise online magazine sites I have ever seen. Articles by Victor Davis-Hanson on morality, politics and war, Larry Kudlow on economics are like text from the hands of prophets. They say something will happen from a particular set of events, and lo and behold, it does.

Compare to the pap from Nation or Salon. The lack of intellectual rigor from the left disgusts me.

Oh well, back to writing. My readers are geting anxious. But there's this BIG battle going on in our local merc campaign, as over 15 mercenary units descend on New Samarkand for a duel to the death.


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