Monday, June 26, 2006

Saw this awesome post over at Samizdata.

Individualism isn't subtle. It says, "You're on your own. Whatever happens to you is most likely your own fault, for good or ill. Figure out how to live, what work to do that will support you and any family you might have, and be prepared to live with a constant uncertainty that, even with your best efforts, you might fail and have to start all over again."

Compare the attraction of that to the cooing of collectivism's lullaby---"There, there, it's not your fault. We'll take care of you. Just leave everything to us. It's ok of you didn't quite make it this time. We'll cover for you until you're able to try again. It's not your fault, it's those mean, greedy capitalists. They don't care about you and your family, but we do."

Given what I read of today's General Paper in my school, where the comprehension passages were opposing views on meritocracy, this comment stood out very strongly in my mind. In the attack against meritocracy, the author railed against the system which supposedly fails the 50% who can't succeed.

Needless to say, I was not impressed. The appeal to emotion is always the singular worst failing collectivism possess. Suffice to say, that isn't going away any time soon.


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