Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year Resolutions

Around this time last year, I made up a list of resolution to shoot for in the new year. Before launching a new set of resolutions for 2008, let's review 2007 first.
1. Get a girlfriend. Really start looking. A friend suggested going to discos and asking out pretty girls. Maybe when I have enough guts... (Failed)
2. Paint at least 4 more miniatures. (Failed)
3. Organise and hold 2 more official Classic Battletech events within the year. (Failed)
4. Start pushing for the formation of the NUS Choir alumni, or failing that, joining the Vocal Consort. Gotta start prioritizing my Sundays though. (Failed)
5. Work on my crosses with my left foot when playing on the left wing, so that I can at least hit them decently 50% of the time with a dribble from a dead stop. (Passed)
6. Run 2.4 km under 10 min. (Failed, though it was close...)
7. Run a half-marathon under 2 hours. (Failed, 2hr 20 min was my best timing)
8. Run a full marathon. (Passed)
9. Get an IPPT Gold. (Failed)
10. Post on my blog more often. (Passed)
Oh well. As for the new year, here're my plans.

1. Apply for further education. I'm gonna get my Masters!
2. Continue training for the IPPT Gold.
3. Organise 2 CBT events.
4. Churn out at least 10 chapters of Seekers next year.
5. Go for shooting range more often, and get all my shots within the black area of the target board for standing shoulder... unsupported.

That's it. Small bits, little bits. Just have to be true to myself, and everything will turn out fiiiiiineeeeeeee...


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