Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sunday 13/1/2008 Battletech After Action Report

On Sunday, me, Kenneth, Jon, and Jeff got together at Settlers for a long overdue game of Btech. Estimating the time, I figured a three cornered fight with 3 mechs each was on the cards that day. I balanced using BV set to 3500, set to random.

Kenneth - Banshee 3Q, Archer 2S, Crockett 5003-0
Jon - Thug 10E, Black Knight 7, Catapult A1
Jeff - Awesome 8V, Zeus 6S, Thunderbolt 5S

A few things stood out immediately. Kenneth's force was arguably the most dangerous and balanced, with one pure infighter(the Banshee 3Q, which has, note this: 30 rounds for its AC/20!!!), one medium range(Archer), and one long range(Crockett).

Jon's force was underweight compared to the others, and perhaps a bit underwhelming considering the opposition.

Jeff's force was unusual in that every mech carried a large laser and a LRM 15.

The battle started with the Banshee picking out the Thug, and the exchange of fire as Jon and Jeff tried to bring down the Banshee was truly the stuff of legend. The Thug got a series of cockpit hits, and the pilot took 4 hits, and promptly fell asleep. The Banshee took a gyro hit, fell down, got up, and continued charging! At the same time, the Thug pilot woke up(on a target roll of 10, no less!), some alliances were quickly broken and formed, and by the time the dust settled, the Banshee was toast, but so was the Thug and the Awesome.

We ended the game soon after, but it was a great experience! We also learnt a few things: the Banshee 3Q is no joke, even with 6 tons(!!!) of AC/20 ammo in the left torso. The 3025 Crockett is one of the best assaults with L1 tech. The Catapult A1 needs good ground for max effectiveness, and the Thug is tough, but underarmed.


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