Saturday, March 08, 2008

Good Day

Friday was a good day. Sent in the draft chapter to the publishing company for the chemistry textbook I'm writing, and the initial response was very positive. Hopefully, I'll get the contract.

The next thing was, of course, the release of the A level results. 100% pass in chemistry for the classes I taught. Even those students I had expected to fail pulled through with a pass, and several even skipped at least 2 grades up from a fail! I've got an overall of 45% As (better than national average!), and an overall MSG (not the chemical lah!) of 1.9. It's true enough two of the classes I taught were good ones, and they were certainly expected to perform well, which they did. But a lot of credit goes to my form class 06S19, as well as the ever-lovable (and frustrating!) 06S13, both of which exceeded my expectations.

Well done!

For my H3 chemistry, four out of twelve students managed to get distinctions, while 7 achieved at least a merit. And everybody passed! HAH! While the distinction and merit percentages are below the national average, we have to take into account that our students largely have lower L1R5 than their peers in other JCs, so this was really an accomplishment. So permit me some time to gloat.

Finally, at night I received an email from the LKY School of Public Policy regarding my Masters application, calling me down for tests and an interview. WOOT! I had not expected this. For normal admission, certainly I knew I had a chance, but for the scholarship?!?

The test consists of a maths segment, and an english segment. Accordingly, I've borrowed a set of GP compre papers from the GP tutors, and am now working hard on it to revise my ang-moh.

All in all, things are going well, even the planning for the year-end gaming convention. The only things I was disappointed about was the choir's recruitment and my gnawing lack of a girlfriend. Oh well.


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