Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sea of Miracles

Was just surfing the net recently when I came across mention of Record of Lodoss War on an RPG site. It brought back memories of the classic high fantasy anime. What I remembered most clearly was the haunting song from the opening animation. I could still hum a bit of it, but now that everything could be found online, I figured having it on my playlist would be a good idea.

I went hunting for the full song, and it wasn't long before I found it on youtube - Kiseki no Umi(Sea of Miracles), sung by Maaya Sakamoto and composed by none other than Yoko Kanno. Truly a great 'mood' track.

Speaking of Yoko Kanno, her newest compositions for Macross Frontier are, on the whole, awesome. Lion and Northern Cross are great tracks. However, they're still edged out by Diamond Crevasse, especially the 'upgraded' version sung in episode 20.


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