Tuesday, September 09, 2003

To: The General of Idiots
From: The Toaster Worshipper

Okay, I rarely get to indulge in ad hominem assaults, but this time I couldn’t resist, because I get pissed off when idiotarians go off their rockers and bring a knife to a gunfight. So here I go. I’ll lead you step by step to how and why your comments were utterly asinine, and how they show you up as the moron you are.

“Theodore seems to be out of character as he proceeds to lead a suicidal charge of Otomo mechs. Wasn't Theodore the architect of the new DCMS tactics that discouraged the use of suicide attacks so blatantly used by the DCMS before he became Gunji-No Kanrei? Why would he adopt tactics that he outlawed? Wasn't it he who said that it is better for a warrior to live and fight another day rather than die a meaningless death?”

But there are times when the symbolism of actions prevent him from doing so. Let’s say the Clans did manage to take Luthien back in 3052. Would Takashi have retreated, or more importantly, would Teddy have pulled him out? The answer is no. Teddy wouldn’t have pulled him out, for the same reasons he could not retreat from Luthien in my fic. However much Teddy tried to institute a new sense of responsibility in the samurai code, there are times when retreating sends the wrong message!

If he pulled back, it would have been an unrecoverable loss of prestige and honor. He would have essentially have said, “I cede the Coordinatorship.” And it would be so in the eyes of the Combine, no matter how much he tried to argue otherwise through propaganda. Excuses, excuses.

Think about it. Why did Tomoe Sakade commit sepukku? By right, by your logic, with his reforms, she didn’t need to, and adding in her status as the Coordinator’s wife! But she did stab her own belly. This gives lie to the opinion that in the new Combine, retreat is fine in the face of outrageous odds. Old habits die hard. In some circumstances, retreat or failure is still inexcusable. What more than for the Coordinator, who has to hold himself to higher standards as an example to the rest of his people? The shame of losing Luthien would have been unforgivable. The soldiers could have fought on, but forever burdened by the fact that their ultimate ruler ran instead of fighting to the end. This is a samurai society, not a namby-pamby(as deathshadow puts it) tofu-eating one.

By dying on Luthien in battle, Teddy made this statement, “I am the Coordinator, and my line will endure in the form of my children. I will die before ceding the Coordinatorship to traitors.” And so he did. His death was not meaningless. In fact, it would have certain effects on the loyal soldiers who are following Hohiro, effects which Theodore was confident of helping them achieve victory. Which was another reason why he chose a last stand.

“Theodore seems to have used the very tactics which the Black Dragons are known for- traditional frontal charges. He apparently has lost his tactical and political genius in this story.”

HAH!!! Frontal charges? Black Dragons? Oh, how I want to use Milan’s books to spank you silly with canon facts.

For starters, Theodore didn’t use a frontal charge. He used a forward defense attrition strategy in an urban environment that tied up his enemies and inflicted massive casualties, thereby accomplishing his objective of preventing the enemy from striking at the rear of the column containing his grandson. And you call yourself a ‘General’? *rolls eyes* Why don’t you suggest another tactic then? Constructive criticism my ass. You don’t know shit.

Next, when did the Black Dragons use frontal charges? Please point out the appearances of Black Dragons, and the percentage number of times they used stupid samurai charges.

Your muppetness astounds me.

In the fiction, the Black Dragons used everything from orbital drops, sneaking in during a parade, and commandos to accomplish their aims. They’re smart, and tricky.

And Teddy, IMO, lost his political and strategic genius quite a while ago when he started cozying up to Victor. The flatfooted response of the DCMS to the Ghost Bear War and the Draconis March Incursion could be laid directly at his feet.

“I have to agree with Kuritafan on this: The Band of the Dammned are pirates and the Black Dragons will not gain any honor by making a coup attempt and having the aid of pirates. The Black Dragons stand for the old school of honor and Bushido and using Yakuza and pirates would not endear them to the eyes of their own people.”

Let me tear apart this paragraph bit by bit. I savor the taste of smashing arguments into the ground.

Black Dragons, by definition, are traitors to the Coordinator and therefore have no honor in the eyes of the Combine, save what they claim for themselves. They have already carried out a coup attempt(Black Dragon, by Victor Milan), and even tried to kill Victor Davion(Grave Covenant)! What’s having pirates who’ve converted to their cause? By definition, those won’t be pirates anymore, but rather loyal servants of the society, dedicated to their goals! Never forget, one man’s guerilla is another’s freedom fighter. The adage applies here as well.

Besides, the Combine, Black Dragon or otherwise, never had any real problem with using pirates. Remember Hendrik Grimm? The takeover of Trellwan? The Chain Gangs of the 2nd Succession War? Hmmm… come to think of it, Ricol had a hand in the Hendrik Grimm/Trellwan business as well, so it’s old hat to him.

Black Dragons stand for no real school of honor save their own unique brand. Yakuza are already well documented as being amongst the leaders of the organization(Hearts of Chaos, Black Dragon), and this point has been raised repeatedly in various sourcebooks(CBT Companion, FM: DC). And as I’ve pointed out, pirate recruits are fine as well because they won't be pirates any more. Also, if you have FM: Updates, note who Rezak's XO is.

You need to read a lot more before you can even try to critique me on the factions and their backgrounds. There’s a reason why I spent so much time writing all these when I could have just pumped the chapters out without care for continuity. I was busy fact checking my ass.

You and KuritaFan are clueless dupes who have scarce background knowledge of the Draconis Combine, and can hardly be called true fans of the Combine(Neko Bijin, Marwynn, or Takiro) if what you know is so one-sided. I also note that none of you had replied or rebutted my earlier post explaining the Black Dragons, while I had rebutted and replied to every single one of your points.

Most Mockingly,
The Word of Blake Guy