Saturday, May 27, 2006

The holidays have just started for me, and I hunted around the net for blogs of my students. It was interesting to see what they had to say about me. Some of it was very unflattering, but oh well! You can't please everybody all the time, nor should you try.

Anyway, here's a nice exercise I picked up from Norm Geras

I am just an ordinary guy.
I want a girlfriend.
I wish my students could be more hardworking.
I hate having to repeat myself
I love playing soccer with my friends on Sunday.
I miss the joy of singing in a choir.
I fear being misunderstood and misintepreted.
I hear some good movies have been released recently.
I wonder how I can get better grades for my students.
I regret not going into the GEP when I had the chance. How would my life have turned out?
I am not sleeping when I should.
I dance at the Rapture concert this year only because so many other people are doing it.
I sing in the bathroom, and quietly to myself during choir practices for the students.
I cry not for a long while now, ever since I got my O level results. All tears have been wrung from me, my soul is dry and withered.
I am not always surfing the net!
I make with my hands nothing these days.
I write several fan fiction stories. My readers are threatening to lynch me for delaying!
I confuse myself sometimes.
I need a girlfriend and a life.
I should be so lucky.
I start marking SPA scripts at home.
I finish everything that I put my mind to.
I tag anybody who has read this.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Nothing interesting going on. Just a whole lotta work. But I have to keep telling myself to keep this updated.

Got a book several months back, and studying it to revise and streamline my logic processes in preparation for KI(if I get it next year). Hmm... could be quite a stretch, but I should be able to handle it.