Sunday, March 11, 2007

I want to start headbanging again...

Ran across this post by a JC2 student on a blog.
_______ overheard a conversation between two JC1s, and they wanna get out of SA because "the J2s are so playful, they are not studying hard like the students in Nanyang JC!" hahahahaa oh my gosh!! isn't it this kind of atmosphere that make people wanna come to SA?? don't they usually associate SA with "fun"? okay maybe that's why they don't belong. or maybe my concept of a junior college is just wrong. they're right- JC is just a stepping stone to uni, we should just work hard, study and nothing else.
Can somebody put me out of my misery? PLEASE?!?

Fun, fun, fun. Fun for 3 days of Orientation. Fun for 2 years of JC. No fun for everybody when 'A' level results are announced... We're getting poor results because of the culture of 'fun'. I say get rid of it. GET RID OF IT!

The Principal is hopping mad over the results. What can we do when students think this way? She doesn't want to imitate what other JCs are doing(RE: NYJC, MJC), but that's exactly how they're getting such good results, getting extra value out of their students. If she doesn't want to get on with the program, pls don't complain about the poor results. It's illogical. The end result is exactly what we, as a school, the teachers, the students, the administration, deserve.

Bought a DV camcorder today at the IT fair at Suntec. Spent a pretty penny on it, $749. With the $400 subsidy, that means I actually paid only $349. Not too shabby. There was an offer for a High Definition Hard Disk Camcorder(JVC) for $1499, when it normally cost $2499. I was tempted for a moment, before I told myself sternly, "You have zero experience in fully exploiting the capabilities of this device, so forget it! Furthermore, it'd mean a $1000 out of your own pocket."

I bet Yeow Heng would have loved it though.


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