Sunday, March 11, 2007

Interesting note of the day

Came across a very good story at Winds of Change.
Both Chew2 and Winston (#49) suggested that Sparta left no mark on Western civilization, at least no positive mark. That they are wrong is shown by the story Plutarch told in his life of the King of Sparta. The story is that an ambassador visiting the king was amazed at how little fortification Sparta had. He expressed his surprise to the king, who took him to where the Spartan army was arrayed. Pointing to the army, the king said, "There are the walls of Sparta. Ten thousand men and everyone a brick."
I'm sure the National Education aspect of this is obvious. But are we, the NSmen of Singapore, bricks, or men of straw, liable to be blown away at the slightest whiff of grapeshot?


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