Tuesday, March 13, 2007

March performance bonus coming up!

Came across some more interesting links. Both are for teachers, since with the March performance bonus coming soon, many are understandably anxious about how much they're getting. We'll all get a certain amount, but we often can't figure out just what we had to do to get the next higher level. So hopefully, the links below will help rather than hinder.

I'm sure many, many teachers will recognize some of the same problems cited by the author of this blog.

My favourite line:
Suppress the urge to assign special projects to HR, things like implementing TQM or reengineering, or programs to imbue the “seven habits.”
That's right. Bottom line is always the most important. For schools and teachers, the bottom line is the students' results(in terms of value addedness), and somewhat peripherally, their CCA achievements. Everything else are ways to getting that bottom line. Must never lose sight of that.

Provides a bit more transparency into the opaque world of ranking and promotional exercises. Oh well, I'm not too worried. At least, I'm still too new to worry about it... though I do hope my status as a PSC-LMS scholar should carry some weight...


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